In this blog I will explore the mass depoliticization amongst young people and will explain the need for a mass fight back against the corporate fascist financial dictatorship that runs the world.

Young people in both Europe, America and the rest of the world face a very grim future. High unemployment, high insecure rents to private landlords, huge student debts. Also the only work available is often temporary low paid casual jobs. This work situation also often applies to people with university degrees. So we have a generation with no future.

However the paradox and contradiction to this grim situation is that we have probably the most apolitical and ill informed generation about politics for years. Young people just seem to talk about corporate sports and celebrity film stars showing very little interest in the fight back against the corporate system.

Without doubt this is as a result of a strategy pursued by the ruling elite to depoliticize young people by promoting their interest in fake entertainment and corporate rock and roll. However the question what needs to be asked is what can be done to awaken young people from their political slumbers and start fighting back against the corporate system.

Firstly we need to build a new political movement in both Britain and the rest of the world that can build a fight back against corporate rule.

Secondly those of us who are already opposed to the corporate system need to get busy carrying out propaganda amongst young people urging them to get involved in the political struggle.

Thirdly mass use of the new social media to carry out political agitation amongst young people against the corporate system and explaining a programme to build a new system.

So lets all get busy there is no time to lose.


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