In this blog I will give some insights into the views of the controversial Episcopal priest Matthew Fox who joined the Episcopal church after being removed as a priest by the Catholic church in 1994.

I have to state that some of his views I do agree with. I share his criticism regarding the Catholic church,s swing to the right under Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. Their opposition to married priests and the birth control pill and their alliance with the political right.

I first came across Matthew Fox after reading his book The Popes War. It gives a very good account of Pope John Paul and Pope Benedicts attack on liberal elements in the Catholic Church and exposing the church,s support for right wing fascist politicians in Latin America. Matthew Fox seems to be a bitter man and he may have a good reason to be after being removed as a catholic priest for his liberal views.

I totally agree with him that the church must go back to become the church before the Roman Empire took control of the church when Emperor Constantine became a Christian in the early fourth century. He is right in stating that the church should distance itself from the rich and powerful. However this should apply to orthodox and protestant churches as well.

Why in general I agree with most of what Matthew Fox says. I do have some queries on the Creation Spirituality movement that he has set up. This is to a certain extent a new age Christian church. Which uses techno masses and new age ceremonies. Personally I prefer the traditional church service although like Matthew I am a liberal who wants to distance the church from the rich and powerful. In Britain his Creation Spirituality movement is called Green Spirituality and does not seem totally Christian.

So in conclusion I would agree with Matthew Fox that the Christian churches need major reforms perhaps even a revolution. I do have some small queries about the Creation Spirituality network and what we really need a revival of liberation theology.


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