Ed Balls the Labour Party finance spokesperson in a recent speech stated that the next Labour government will accept the present coalition government expenditure plans. Even more he stated that besides accepting the cuts in child benefit for better off people a future Labour government will go even further than the coalition government by making cuts in winter fuel payments for ‘better’ off pensioners, also he stated Labour will cap the state retirement pension.

Clearly British American Project trained Ed Balls is sending a signal to the British and world corporate elite that if Labour do win the next election in 2015 then they will make the poor and the working class pay for the economic crisis and not the banker class parasites who caused the economic crisis in the first place. So under a future Labour government we can look forward to a low wage, temporary work, high unemployment and insecure high rents for tenants to be paid to private landlords.

Ed Balls in his recent speech has confirmed that Britain like most countries in the world lives in a one party neo liberal state with three wings. The Labour Party, Liberal Democratic Party and Conservative Party.

People who are opposed to neo liberalism must build a new political party based on groups such as Left Unity or the Trade Union Socialist Coalition. Such a programme must include public ownership of the banks and major capitalist monopolies under consumers and workers control. Also a massive social housing and flat building programme and the introduction of rent controls for private landlords. Also withdrawal from Nato and the European Union and the withdrawal of also British armed forces from overseas immediately.

So there is urgent work to undertake lets gets busy


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