As the first five months of 2013 will come to an end today I thought that I would write a review of the year so far.

Firstly my initial optimism regarding this year has I am afraid to say now dissipated. High hopes that the 21/12/2012 day would lead to an energy shift in mankind have so far been proved to be false. It seems that we are still in the same old nasty world as in 2012.In fact in both Britain and the world I feel that the mood is increasingly nasty and ugly.

Wars and sectarian killings in Syria, Iraq, Burma and many other countries. Evil power play moves being carried out by Britain, America and other great powers. I personally feel that the situation in Syria could lead to a clash between the great world powers.

Here in Britain the anger that quite correctly existed against the bankers and the global elite has somehow been turned instead to anger against the poor, the unemployed and the people on welfare benefits. God knows how Britains ruling class have been able to perform this change of opinion as there are hardly any decent paid jobs in this country for the working class anymore. It is probably down to the global elites control of the media.

As for myself my old chronic health problems still persist as do the old problems in my life. So the question that must be asked is what can we as individuals do in this cruel heartless world. Firstly I would suggest as my heroe Eckhart Tolle does that we concentrate on the exact moment in time right now. Secondly meditate so as to relax and improve concentration.

However we must also get active in the social dimension. Get involved in the fight for social change and the fight against corporate rule and imperialist wars. However remember that the fight for social change is a long battle it will take many years of hard work. Also try and get involved in voluntary work if you have the time.

In conclusion 2013 has been a very difficult year for many people so far. However we must not give up we must keep on fighting. Lets us hope that somehow the second half of the years turns out better for us all.


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