With the right wing neo liberal, pro corporate rule, United Kingdom Independence Party riding high in the opinion polls with their correct policy of British withdrawal from the European Union. Its was I  must say a great relief to read an article in the Guardian newspaper by the RMT trade union leader Bob Crow calling for a socialist campaign for British withdrawal from the European Union.

Now of course the leadership of the British Labour Party are strongly  pro British membership of the EU. However the Labour Party stopped being socialist many years ago and is totally committed to neo liberalism.

However genuine socialists have in my opinion no alternative but to campaign for Britains  withdrawal from the EU. It would be a disaster if the campaign for Britains  withdrawal from the Eu was left to UKIP and the right wing of the Conservative Party.

Let us make it clear the EU is a bankers technocratic dictatorship which has led to countries which are part of the Euro having their countries policies and economy run by the European Central bank. This has led to mass unemployment,austerity and privatization. So  countries in the eurozone are in fact no longer democracies their parliaments just carry out the dictates of the ECB.

Now you might say that the socialist international supports the EU and the euro. However this is a corporate fascist organization which is committed to neo liberalism and privatization and includes the Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem a member of the Netherlands Labour Party who is in favour of stealing money from working class Cypriot peoples bank accounts to pay off bankers debts.

So it is absolutely essential that we  build  a socialist campaign for Britians  withdrawal from the EU. The most important part of this campaign is that we put forward a united socialist slate of candidates for the European parliamentary elections in June 2014 calling for Britains withdrawal from the EU and at the same time putting forward a socialist programme.

So let us hope the the Socialist Labour Party, Left Unity and the Trade Union Socialist Coalition can get together and put forward a united socialist slate of candidate for the European parliamentary elections next year.


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