In this blog I will the view the view that christians should drop the old testament and base the Christian teachings  instead only on the new testament alone..

Myself I have always thought that the god of the old testament has a very different message from Jesus message in the new testament. I would totally agree with the first century christian heretic Marcion in this respect.

For instance  god ordering Abraham to offer his son Issac as a sacrifice. Also the story of the Israelites  march to the promised land where they encounter the Midianites. God orders the Israelites to kill the Midianites males, kill their livestock and take their women and children prisoner.

The old testament is full of stories of rape mass murder of women and children.They to say the least present an image of a not very nice god.

Now I am personally very uncomfortable with these stories.The message in the old testament seems totally different from Jesus message in the new testament.It portrays a totally different god in the new testament from that of the old testament.

The new testament is based on opposition to authority, anti  war and social justice. Also an emphasis on helping people in need and poverty and mercy for the wrong doer.

So I take the opinion that Christians should stop  reading the old testament and instead base the Christian religion on Jesus teachings in the new testament alone.


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