This very essential blog is written as a person who has been a staunch socialist since the age of 17 but who has come to strongly dislike the fake socialist parties of the socialist international who with their neo liberal policies and led by a technocratic elite are just agents of the corporate elite. In other words a corporate dictatorship, corporate fascsism.

The inspiration behind the latest blog was the Cypriot savers  bank theft. The main architect behind this evil deed was the Dutch finance minister Mr Jeroen Dijsselbloem who suprise suprise is a member of the Netherlands Labour  Party which is a member of the socialist international. In fact outrageously Mr Dijsselbloem said that what has happened in Cyprus should happen to peoples bank accounts in other countries. In other words he is in favour of stealing money from working class savers bank accounts to help finance the bankers debts.

Now this made me look at the activities of the socialist international parties in government in other countries and in general it is the same neo liberal policies led by a technocratic elite devoid of a working class membership.

In Greece Pasok down thankfully to 5% in the opinion polls is carrying out draconian neo liberal policies selling off the countries public assets to foreign investors resulting in a permanent slump.The same applies to the recent ‘socialist’ governments in Spain and Portugal who carried out neo liberal privatization policies.

Here in Britain the last Labour government supported the evil war with Iraq. Also  it carried out pro globalist pro corporate policies such as the private finance intiative to finance public projects under which the private companies involved received massive rates of interest. Thus passing onto the public bodies involved massive debts for years to come.

In conclusion this is why it is essential that we support Ken Loach call for the formation of a new socialist party in this country to fight back against the coropate globalist fascists.


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