Regular readers of my blog will no that I am a big fan of winter so I thought that I would write a review of the  winter of 2012/2013 so far.

As you may or may not know I feel that an energy shift did take place on the 21/12/2012 but it is up to us as individuals to tap into this enegy shift. I picked up this energy shift during a meditation that I did between 11am and 11.15 am on the 21/12/2012.

Some people as I have said have already taped into this energy shift but other people will tap into the new energy shift more slowly. The key question is what are the key signs of people engaging with the new energy shift.

Firstly seeing through the global elites lies and refusing to support their wars in places like Syria and North Africa.

2.Developing a greater sense of empathy such a getting involved in voluntary work and helping people less fortunate than themselves.

3.Adopting a less materialist attitude to life and becoming more spiritual  in the approach to life.

4.Stop watching fake television programmes like game shows and commercial sport on TV. Also a general distrust of the corporate media and instead getting most of your news information from alternative media internet websites.

The global elite I feel know that this energy shift has taken place but they are trying to stop the positive actions of the energy shift by starting fake wars and fake terrorist events. However I feel that time on the side of the forces of good.

So if we want it the future for us is very bright as a human race it is just down to us take the right actions.

In conclusion I will be writing some very interesting new blogs in the next few months. On such subject as building a new world, fighting wars and the future of christianity.

Good day all.


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