Hello everbody and welcome to what is my most important blog of 2013.I feel that the issues raised in this blog are very important as I feel Britain and the rest of the world very much need a new temperance movement.

My personal experience of life has led me to adopt this position. Fortunately I have never taken illegal recreational drugs but I did like quite alot of alcohol when I was young,however I am proud to say that I have been teetotal since 24/12/1987. When I used to drink alcohol I probably drank about 20 pints  a week which is probably not good for your health.

However my personal experience of life is that both alcohol and drugs are bad for not just you health but also for your soul. They can make people moody and aggressive. Also I feel that they depoliticize people as they make people passive. This is maybe why the CIA allowed for drugs to be spead into low income areas of America in the 1970s as a way of taking peoples minds off their social oppression and stopping them fighting for social change.

However what is needed is not the  reintroduction of prohibition but a move from within each individual person to realize that the temperance way of life is the best way forward. A temperance person who meditates each day is much more likely to be socially aware with what is going on in the world and is more likely to fight for social change in the world and more likely to help other people.

This is why I would like to hear from people who read this blog about the idea of building a new temperance movement for the 21st century and to promote the temperance way of life.

Have a nice weekend all.


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