In this blog I will deal with the issue of guilt regarding issues of behaviour or actions about which people are ashamed  about in their life.In  a way it is a good sign that people can feel guily about past behaviour in their life as it shows that they have a conscience. The key question is how to rectify guilt about past bad behaviour or actions in your life.

Alot of guilt can often relate to small issues like rudeness under the influence of say alcohol. Often it is too much to apologise to the  other people or person involved or you are no longer in contact with them.

The key question of course is how to deal with your guilt relating to your past bad behaviour.Firstly I would say change your behaviour so that you do not repeat your bad behaviour which you are guilty about. For instance if  drinking alcohol creates bad behaviour then become teetotal.

Secondly try and do good deeds to make up for your past bad behaviour or actions.For instance regularly donate to charity or else try and do some voluntary work.

In conclusion I feel that as Jesus states all past deeds can be made up by good deeds in the future. So look forward to the future with confidence.


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