In my blog last week I wrote about helping  others and creating a more just society.In this weeks blog I will discuss how we can create our own volunteer groups.

Many people volunteer to help other people and this is fantastic.However when many people look at the voluntary services  websites like Timebank and CSV the may find that the volunteering opportunities available are not for them. A possible solution is for people to get together and form their own volunteering groups.

Myself I am involved with a group called the sock mob.Which gives food and blankets to homelessness people. This of course is only one small example of what can be done. But is shows what can be done when people get together to form their own local voluntary  groups.I am sure that many people have already acted and have formed their own local volunteering networks.

Various examples of voluteering networks are of course people getting together to help homeless people in their area. Also people forming their own local foodbanks to help people on low income. Also forming groups to help housebound people.

However while I think that  the idea of people forming their own local volunteer  groups is a very good idea.It is essential that we do not get away from the idea of form a more just society based on co-operation.

I will be writing morew about this idea in future blogs.Have a nice weekend.


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