Hello everybody I hope that you are all enjoying 2013. My second blog of this new year is a quite important blog about practical measures to help other people possibly on a very low basic level.

Now I am convinced that we humans are nearly all well meaning at heart what stops us being compassionate in our day to day lives is often stress, tension,pain, ill health, emotional problems and are own financial worries. My own experience is that it is often stress worries and tension that can stop us going out of or way to help other people.

What then can we do as individual human beings to become more other orientated people?

On a day to day level simple things can really matter such as giving up your seat on a train  or bus to say an elderly  person also checking on a neighbour with health or personal problems. Little things like this can really make a difference.

Others things that we can do if  you can afford it is to make a regular donation to a charity. Of course I know that many people cannot afford to make regular donations to charity.

Also if you have the time try and get involved in some voluntary work. Of course many people are to busy being involved with their families or children at the present time to get involved in voluntary work. But if you do have the time try considering getting involved in some voluntary work.

Other people may have their own ideas to try and create a more compassionate society.

A criticism of this blog is that we should be trying to fight for political change and create a more just equal society. I  agree that we should be trying to do this. However we should also be trying to create a more compassionate society on a lower level with our own individual actions. This is as I have said is  not always easy as we are all fallen angels and are under great stress, tension and pain in our lives but with the help of daily reflection and meditation we should  consider trying to achieve  this even if we only partly succeed





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