Well it here we are in the first day of 2013 happy new year all. The obvious question to ask is what wil happen in 2013. Now to be perfectly honest we do not really know what will happen however I will try and give you my views on what might happen in the year ahead.

Firstly 2012 was a bad year for conspiracy theories with the project false flag at the London olympics not happening. Also there was no poll shift on 21/12/2012 however there was I feel an energy shift on that day and more about this later in this blog.

What may happen in 2013?  Firstly the global elite I feel will try and accelerate their plans for a globalist bankers technocratic centralised dictatorship.

Secondly economic austerity will continue in this country and most other countries throughout the world.

Thirdly the neo conservatives and militarists will try and step up their plans for a war with Iran and possibly an invasion of Syria.

However now for the good news. I feel that an energy shift may have taken place on the 21/12/2012 due to the galactic alignment that took place on that day.I picked this energy shift up on the morning of 21/12/2012 during a meditation that I did on that day.However most importantly it is up to us all as individuals to tap into this positive energy.This is why I am much more optimistic about both my own life and the world for 2013.

What postive measures can we all take in 2013? Firstly and most importantly join anti war groups.

Secondly get your news from alternative progressive websites like globalresearch.ca and antiwar.com and counterpunch.

Thirdly try and meditate evey day and become teetotal.

Fourthly try and start doing voluntary work if you have the time.

Fifthly try and set up an independent co-operarative.

Sixthly  if you can  get involved in your trade union if you are a member of one, if you are in paid employment and you are not a member of a union then try joining a  trade union.

There are I am sure many other positive actions that people reading this blog can think of themselves to try and make the world a better place.

In conclusion its up to us all as individuals to tap into the new positive energy in 2013.

Have a great new year all and see you in 2014.




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