The Slovenian marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek is without doubt one of the most important philosophers in the world today. I will in this blog put forward an analysis of the good and bad points of his ideas.

Firstly the good points of his ideas is that he suggests that  we can still build an alternative to the corporate capitalist system.The failure of the communist regimes of the Soviet Union has led some people to accept that their is no alternative to capitalism.However like Slavoj Zizek I think that they are wrong.Capitalism is an economic system which seems to lead to slumps and wars. However after putting forward a criticism of some of Slavoj ideas I will put forward an alternative to capitalism for our present times.

Now for the criticism of some of his ideas.Firstly he thinks that the Bolshevik revolution was a good thing and that they abuses started under Stalin.He also defends revolutionary violence.

However I am convinced that the terror and dictatorship started under Lenin in 1918.Lenin introduced conscription of labour and outlawed strikes. Most importantly Lenin set up the one party state he disbanded the constituent assembly which was elected by the Russian people.He also outlawed socialist parties like the Mensheviks and Socialist Revolutionaries.

So it is due to Lenins actions in 1918 that many people associate socialism with dictatorship and terror.Slavoj unfortunately does not realize this as he still supports Lenins ideas.

What we must do then is to put forward a libertarian socialist programme for our present time.Which wants to build and economic system based on co-operation freedom and justice.

I believe that the ideas of the 19th century French libertarian socialist Pierre Proudhon are very relevant to our present times.An economy based on workers mutuals co-operatives and human freedom.

So I say Slavloj in conclusion continue the fight against capitalism but drop the Leninism and start supporting libertarian socialism.


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