Well after all those years of waiting tomorrow the big  day will be finally be here.The date of the Mayan prophecies 21/12/2012.

Now I must confess that I have read about  27 books on the subject. So I have developed a certain understanding on the Mayan Prophecies subject.The modern mass interest in the subject can be dated back to 1987  when Jose Arguelles started the harmonic convergence related to the Mayan prophecies. Jose died last year so he being in the afterlife will know what will happen tomorrow.

My own view on the subject has always been that thank god there will be no great loss of life on the 21/12/2012.The poll shift will not take place nor will solar flares lead to a great loss of life. In  fact we have had quite big solar flares this year and they have had little affect on our planets energy system. If a major poll shift was to take place tomorrow the 21/12/2012 we would have noticed the signs already through major earthquakes.

Tomorrow the 21/12/2012 I do not think that we will notice any significant changes.However any changes which may take place may be as a result of the galactic alignment. This is the alignment of our planet December solstice sun with the galactic equator.This is the first time this has happened in twenty five thousand years. Some experts have said that this will lead to a change in human consciousness.

My own view is that although will will not notice any change tomorrow we will have to wait ten or so years to see if the galactic alignment has had any affect on our planets consciousness.

I will write a short blog on Saturday 22/12/2012 the day after 21/12/2012  with my latest insights on the subject.



  1. i want the world to be destroy because the world is not now as it was in 1800’s nor 1700’s and there is every where disaster around the world. so the world should die and a new world should be created and new generation should start and there will be no any inhumanities like in this world.

  2. but i saw in the internet in the website”http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html” that the world is still alive for more decades. It is fully lying in the internet that the world is going to die on 21.12.2012.

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