There is an old saying you are as young as you feel.However deep down most people have some sort of in built fear of ageing.It starts to develop to a certain extent when people get pass the age of 30 when people realise that their youth is coming to an end. Also once people get past the age of 50 they realize that what is called ‘old age’ is near, also people think more and more about the after life once they get past the age of 50.

Getting passed the magic age of 50 can be a depressing experience.People glance at themselves more and more in the mirror to see if they are ageing also people start to feel that they cannot go to certain places they used to go to when they were younger such as certain nightclubs.

The obvious question then  is how should people cope with ageing and the fears attached to it.

Firstly people should realize that they are internal spirits who live for ever.Death is the start of a glorious rebirth when youth reappears. So in reality people never die and so in the internal cosmic world ageing is a myth as we live for ever.

Secondly read and action Eckhart Tolle,s book the Power of Now. Concentrate on the exact moment that you are living in. Do not look back on the past with anger and regret or look forward to the future with plans which will probably not happen and may cause new anger. Just concentrate on the present.

Thirdly meditate twice every day in the morning and evening it is a great form of relaxation.

Fourthly try and develop new forms of entertainment. Such as classical music, meditation groups and alternative interesting talks.

In conclusion in reality this world is only a temporary place on our cosmic journey and we live for ever. So ageing is a myth.


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