Proof of Heaven is one of the most remarkable books I have ever read.

Dr Eben Alexander was a neurosurgeon who ‘died’ for one week in 2008 from bacterial meningitis. He suffered massive brain damage and he had a near death experience for one week.

So unlike other people who have had NDE his brain totally stopped for one week.So he was dead not for say 20 minutes like most people who have had NDE but for one week. So he died for one week but he came back to life with a remarkable story to tell.

Before his NDE in 2008 Dr Alexander had heard of other people who had NDE but as a neurosurgeon he dismissed these experiences as defects in the brain and hallucinations.

Of course Dr Alexanders point of view on NDE was to dramatically change when he had his own Near Death Expereince in 2008. Unlike other people who have had NDE his brain totally stopped for one week.So his expereince could not be put down to hallucinations.

After his brain stopped he was taken to meet god who appeared as some form of divine light.God appeared to him as total love.

What I found interesting was that god  told Dr Alexander that evil existed so that man could have free will however encouragingly god stated that evil would rapidly decline in the years ahead.Dr Alexander stated that the life in the after life  was totally dominated by love and that the evil that existed in our world was a small feature in universal life dominated by love.

This I find very interesting as this disproves my theory of two gods the evil creator of this world god and the good spiritual god.

What can we learn as individuals  from Dr Alexanders experience. Firstly that as humans we are all fallen angels and we have our nasty/bad as well as our good side. In my experience it is up to us to defeat our own selves ego and try and make sure our good side triumphs.This may be difficult but with meditation and prayer we can all try and improve ourselves and become other people focussed. This is a very difficult task for us as human beings but we should all try to become better people even if we do not fully succeed.

Have a nice weekend.



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