Can we heal ourselves is a very important subject and in this blog I will argue that we can create a more positive and healthy lifestyle and we can help cure auto immune health problems like arthritis  although we may not personally be able to cure serious deceases like cancer.

Louise Hay in one of her famous  books stated that we can heal our lives  through adopting a more positive and less negative attitude to life  and we can even heal deceases like cancer. Now  I would agree with Louise that through adopting a more positive attitude to life we can make ourselves more healthy and also perhaps help prevent deceases like cancer although whether we can heal cancer ourselves once we have got cancer is open to debate.

Firstly I feel that the key issue  is to meditate twice a day once in the morning and once  in the evening this will make us more relaxed, less stressed and make us adopt a more postive attitude to life.

Secondly I would encourage people to give up drinking alchol and taking recreational drugs. I will be writing a separate important blog in this subject in a few weeks time. Basically taking these are very bad for the individual persons soul in my opinion.

Thirdly people should take manuka honey, selinium and echinacea every day. Manuka honey is the best natural antibiotic in the world and along with echinacea helps boost the immune system.Selinium can help prevent cancer.

Fourthly and most importantly I would urge everybody to take up and alternative therapy if at all possible.The best therapies in my opinion are spiritual healing and reiki. I am a reiki master myself .Reiki can help create relaxation and can also help create a more postive attitude to life which can help stop  people getting serious deceases.

I work with an excellent reiki master and healer David O’Keefe in Islington North  London where I live. After a reiki healing session with David I find myself in a much better frame of mind and my auto immune health problems feel much better. I also practise reiki on myself each day.

So in conclusion I would state that we can take steps to improve our health, cure auto immune health problems and also help stop getting serious deceases in the future. Also we can  help create a more postive state of mind.

So try taking up meditation,alternative medicine and take up an alternative threapy like reiki.

Have a nice weekend all.


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