Hi all in this blog I will explain the joy and delight that can be gained from urban walks in our major cities.I will focus in this blog on London where I live.

Many people associate the joy of walking with the countryside the green fields,hills and the smell of nature. Of course country walks can provide great pleasure but I have also discovered that great joy and pleasure can be gained from urban walks in our major cities particularly London.

I have taken part in many urban walks in London. I find that they enlighten the mind immensely. For instance walks through places like Limehouse,Hoxton and Bethnal Green show up the character of much of inner London.

Also walks through the more genteel Hampstead,Richmond and Highgate show up a different perhaps more gentrified side of London but these areas have a certain character as well.

Also one should consider walks through London parks. I find that Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath and Regents Park for me have a special appeal maybe its because I am a North Londoner. But Hyde Park,Green Park and Richmond Park should also be visited for their affect.

So I say to all. Get your A to Z out and plan those walks around Hoxton,Spitalfield,Islington,Limehouse and Greenwich Park etc.

Have a nice weekend all.


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