This blog is in inspired by David Ickes recent Wembley talk on the 27/10/12. I will argue in this blog that we should try and non comply with the global elites system in a pragmatic way.

Firstly the idea of the non compliance dance is fantastic.The idea of turning political demonstations into peaceful non compliance dances is a very good idea. Also people should consider attending alternative dances and drug free raves so as to help promote human expression,liberation,relaxation  and enjoyment.

However as to non compliance with the system what can we pramatically do as to a certain extent we are all involved in the system through employment, if we are working and by paying taxes which unfortunately fund the global elites evil wars.

1.We should refuse to fight in the global elites wars also attend any demonstrations against wars that take place.

2.Try and use alternative co-operative shops as much as possible.

3.Boycott the corporate media.Try and get you news from alternative internet websites like

4.Take part in the non compliance dance as david has said try and organise these dances in your area.

5.Organise solidarity work for any workers who go out on strike against the system or who are trying to defend their living standards.

5.On a psychological level just say I am  free this is important as you are showing that you are not controlled by the elites cruel system.

Have a nice think about my six ideas and see if you think they are worth trying out.

Have a nice weekend.




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