Last Monday night 24/9/12 I went to listen to Anita Moorjani talk at Alternatives in Piccadilly London. I have already read her book Dying to be me and so I had to go and listen to her talk and it was truly magical.

Anita was dying with cancer in 2002 her whole body was covered in tumors and lesions.So it was no suprise in 2002 when Anita actually died of cancer but this is when her fantastic story really starts.

After Anita died she had a near death experience and she saw her Father who had died and also  her freind who died of cancer a few years before Anitas NDE. Anita received total unconditional love from both of these two people and from the supreme being during her NDE. She found the unconditional love overwhelming and would have been quite happy to pass over to the other side after death.

However Anita returned to this world and as a result of her near death experience her cancer rapidly healed. She was very confused when she came back to this world. But four days after the NDE she was taken out of intensive care and biopsy after nine days from the NDE showed no trace of cancer and after five weeks all of her lesions had healed and she was okay to go home.

However the magical message that Anita gives us is fo us how to live our lives down here on earth. She said that it was her built in fear that gave her cancer in the first place and the whole planet is living in fear.

We must get ride of our fear and self hatred and start to love ourselves and enjoy life. Anita feels that the reason we dislike other people is because we dislike ourselves in the first place.

Now to me this message makes total sense to me as myself as i/m full of self hatred and fear. However I am going to try very hard to start liking myself and enjoying life as Anita says that we should. So try and adopt Anita message from her NDE love yourself and try and enjoy life. By the way as a final message Anita says there is nothing to fear on the other side after death its fantastic.



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