I feel that Albert Camus 1951 book the Rebel is without doubt one of the greatest political tracts of all time.

In his 1951 book the Rebel Camus debates the merits of rebellion against that of  revolution. In his book Camus states that Revolutions when successful always lead to tyrannies. He sights the French revolution and Bolshevik revolution in Russia which in both cases lead to dictatorships by elites and massive human rights abuses. Camus feels  on the the hand  that the revolutionaries  usually lead by elites are seeking to establish impractical utopias. However they always fail instead the revolutions when successful lead to the establishment of elite dictatorships. Interestingly George Orwell held a similar view.

However Camus correctly in my opinion had a much more positive view on acts of rebellion such as stikes led from below by working class people. Camus was of the opinion the people should always behave with their ethical lmoral principles intact when carrying out acts of rebellion.

Now I am a big fan of Camus but I feel that he views in favour of rebellion have been proved correct by the test of time over that of elite led revolutions which lead to vanguard dictatorships. However acts of rebellion from below eg strikes can achieve  positive results and inceased peoples power.

However what we need in this dumbed down world is more authentic acts of rebellion from below.

Long live Camus great political tract the Rebel.


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