Now I must confess that I very much welcome the coming of September 2012. Despite having an unusual bad nights sleep. September for some reason has always been my favourite month of the year. It is time to look back on the year so far. Also it means that winter is approaching a season which I much prefer to summer.This feeling has very much increased in the last few years as summer in Britain nowadays seems to mean more or less permanent rain and grey skies. Long periods of hot sunny blue sky days seem to be very much a thing of the past. Winter on the other hand has tended to be reasonably dry in Britain  the last  few years and at least you know where you stand with winter.

However getting back to the title of this blog you might ask why do I feel that September 2012 will be the crucial month of the year? Now I correctly predicted that no false flag event would happen at the London Olympics and thank heavens I was corrrect. Now I also feel that any changes regarding 21/12/2012 will be minor. I will write more about 21/12/2012 in a blog in a few weeks time.

However what I have picked up from my psychic and channelling work is that September 2012 will be the crucial month of this year. As a matter of interest I only channell for myself. What I am picking up is that there will be some sort of divine intevention in our planet this month. It may be on a subtle hidden  level but I feel that this significant event is happening behind the scenes. Also from September 2012 onwards  I feel that ETS from other planet  are much more likely to make themselves openly known to us.

So I say meditate and keep yourselves grounded from September 2012  for any big changes that may happen in our planet from this month onwards.

Have a nice weekend.


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