Now let me say I got into meditation by accident I was not involved in the new age scene or any alternative therapy group. I was just sitting alone in my living room one morning and I was quite stressed so I just closed my eyes and sat still for about ten minutes. This is called stillness meditation.When I came out of the meditation state I felt a strange sense of bliss ease and calmness.

I suffer from a great deal of  internal anger and this came out in public facial grimances which disappeared shortly after I started meditating each day.Meditation has changed my life quite alot besides getting rid of my public grimances. It has made  it alot easier to deal with my internal anger, it has made me much less judgemental regarding other people and I started to realise after I started meditating that perhaps I was part of the problem in alot of instances.

Another important change in my life is that I started to develop psychic abilities after I started meditating and started to gain  greater insights into life I went on several psychic development courses after taking up meditation. I also saw a ufo around about the time I started meditating I am not sure whether or not this is a coincidence or not.

There are different types of meditation some people like to go on meditation training courses and are given a mantra to chant silently while they are meditating.However myself I prefer the stillness method of meditating. People should try the various types of meditation and see what one is best for themselves.

However to make your own life  better and the world a better place my advise to anybody reading this blog is take up meditating today. Sitdown alone in your room today close your eyes think of nothing for 15 or so minutes and enjoy the bliss of silent meditation.

quite abir


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