I have been asked by a few people what are my views on Rudolf Steiner the Austrian esoteric christian. Now I must confess that I have only read a limited amount of Steiners works. But I will give my view based on my knowledge of Steiners works that I have read.

Rudolf Steiners influence has increased with the growth of the new age movement since the 1960,s. Steiner basically advocated a green type economy he was in favour of organic farming and co-operative enterprises as opposed to corporate business and state socialism. Generally he was in favour of political rights for all and human rights.

However what Steiner is really famous for is his views on esoteric christianity. In 1899 he had a life changing expereince he saw a vision of the etheric christ. He started to develop his own views of christianity he felt that the christian religion needs to be reformed which I agree with and he supported reincarnation which I disagree with.

Steiner felt that Jesus Christ was to play the central role in human evolution. He was of the opinion that the spiritual development of the individual was inseparable from the cosmological development of the universe.

He felt that human beings born into this world are guided by Jesus Christ to consciously ascend into the spiritual world.

However the controversy regarding Steiner relates to his views on race. He stated that he was opposed to racism. However he was of the opinion that all people would eventually reincarnate into the Germanic race. Now as I have stated I do not believe in reincarnation. But Steiners view that he was opposed to racism in my opinion contradicts the view that the Germanic race are the highest stage of evolution and this view is in my opinion unacceptable.

However all the people that I have met in the Rudolf Steiner movement today are okay and none of them are racists. It is just a shame that Steiners generally okay political views and his stated opposition to racism are marred by his views on the Germanic race being the highest stage of evolution.


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