To me the most comforting situation in this world is without doubt near death experiences otherwise known as NDE.

NDE consist of people who are clinically dead who have out of body experiences. They are floating above their body and can see their dead body below.They then move along a tunnell immersed in a power of white light they then see white beings of light who then give them life reviews. Of course the people who have the NDE come back to life.

A report from the Netherlands some years ago stated that 18% of people who had cardiac arrests had an NDE.

To me the the  descriptions of the experiences of the people who have had NDE are so vivid and descibed in such detail it proves to me beyond doubt life after death.These experiences cannot be put down to brain defunctions during the process related to the NDE.

Two people Anita Moorjani and Mellen Thomas Benedict who died of cancer for a few minutes had NDE and when they came back to life their cancer had disappeared. To me these two experiences are amazing.

Dannion Brinkley died for 28 minutes and had an NDE. He had served in the American military in Vietnam and he admitted that some of the actions he took part in in Vietnam  were unethical but he was just given a gentle rebuke by the white beings of light. You should read his book saved by the light.

In conclusion we should be happy   and comforted that although this world is cruel and unjust beyond this world without doubt lies a much better place. Although we should of course strive to make this world a better place while we are living here.

But I feel we should all rejoice in the knowledge of NDE.


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