Up until now I have mainly written about political issues in this blog but I have became a little bored writing about political issues and I have decided to take this blog in a new direction.

In future I will be mainly writing about spiritual issues in this blog.The soul of mankind,the human condition and the human race relationship to the universe.

In this first blog in the change of direction I will explore are there one of two gods.The thesis being the good god would not have made this world as it is so evil.The evil creator  god made this world and Jesus the good god came to save humanity.

Richard Dawkins a leading British athiest feels that our world and the universe just evolved from matter and like Darwin he feels in a gradual evolution of the species. However I reject Dawkins athiest point of view. Firstly near death experiences confirms gods existence also our world is so well designed it must have been made by a supreme being, also how has human consciousness evolved from matter.

Arthur Schopenhauer the 19th century philosopher explains how cruel nature is in one of his books .He explains how animals kill each other in the sequence of their physical strength from a range of one to seven. For instance animal six kills seven and then five kills six and so on.The cruelty of human nature led Schopenhauer to atheism and pessimism. However I reject Schopenhauers view. This means that we must consider if there is one or two gods.

Augustine of Hippo probably the greatest ever christian philosopher rejected the dualist view of god. He  was a supporter of manichaeism in his youth. But he later became an orthodox christian he said the whole world was made by one god and that nature and creation is essentialy good. Orthodox christians in general feel that the evil of this world is due to the fall of mankind due to adam and eve.To me this view is not entirely convincing.

The first century christian heretic Marcion of Sinope was of the view that there was two gods he was suprised when he was expelled from the church for his views.

He was of the opinion that the world was so evil that a good god could not of made this world.His view was that the evil creator god of the old testament made our world while Jesus the good god of the new testament came to save us form the evil creator god.

My view is that although Marcions view seems convincing we just do not know what is true we will just have to wait until we die. Although I agree with Marcion that Jesus was the good god of the old testament.

In conclusion I hope you like the new subject matter and we contiue to view the blog.

Good luck all and best wishes for the future.



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