The ordinary working class people of Europe must fully get behind the courageous leader of the Greek political party Syriza Alexis Tsipras in his rejecting the European Union dictate austerity measures of privatization and massive cuts in public expenditure.

Syriza the radical left coalition in English which came second in the Greek general election correctly refused to join a coalition government with the Pasok and New Democracy parties which would implement the EU dictate austerity measures which would create a permanent slump in Greece.

As a result a new general election will be held in Greece on 17/6/2012. Syriza say that Greece should default on its debts and refuse to implement the austerity measures. The working people of Europe must applaud Syriza,s stand on this issue, By leading the fight against the EU austerity plans they are giving hope to the unemployed,the poor and the ordinary working class people of Europe.

However for Syriza,s policies to work they must call for Greece to leave the Euro,the European Union and Nato.They must also take into public ownership all bankrupt and underperforming enterprises.

However let us all hope for a big victory for Syriza in the Greek general election on 17/6/2012 to give hope to the people of Europe.


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