I have always been an admirer of the French socialist and mutualist Pierre Proudhon and it seems his ideas are more and more relevant for our present time.

Basically Pierre Proudhon was a supporter of non state anti authoritarian socialism.He supported independent  workers associations and co-operatives.

Now it seems to me that Proudhons ideas are very relevant for our present time. Living in a corporate capitalist dictatorship which controls the worlds political parties by and large and with the total discrediting of Leninist authoritarian ‘socialism’ a new method of political action is needed for our modern times.

Young people are more and more  placing their political activity outside of political parties.Nowadays increasingly only political class types are joining political parties.

This is  why I feel that Pierre Proudhons ideas of workers associations, co-operatives and mutualist societies and  co-operatives have a role to play.

People should form their own independent internet media outlets,workers associations,co-operatives and mutual societies to  support each other. In other words bye pass the economic  and political system.Members of political parties of course would not precluded from joining these groups.

So I would recommend  that people have an undogmatic look at Proudhons ideas,do not treat him as a political god and then consider acting on his ideas.

Have a happy easter.


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