George Galloway Respect Party candidates victory in the Bradford West bye election with a majority of over ten thousand votes over the Labour candidate on Thursday was an interesting event.

While I applaud his opposition to the Iraq war and his support   for the Palestian struggle for self determination I do have some problems with George Galloways politics.

Firstly he is a communalist politician. The Respect party only targets Muslim voters. Being prepared to make packs with Muslim businessmen. You cannot imagine George Galloway standing in say Stevenage,Thurrock, Liverpool or Crawley. He does not take a class struggle approach to politics.

What George Galloway victory highlights is the need to build a new working class political movement in this country independent of the Labour party which is made up almost entirely of middle class careerists.

The Trade Union Socialist Coalition may offer some hope if it can attract more than just Trotskyists groups.But in conclusion the need for a new working  class political movement in this country is very  important.



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