The last week has seen the closure of the occupy campsite outside  St Pauls cathedral. However the occupy campsite is still open at Finsbury Square in South Islington.

Clearly the occupy London movement needs to consider its future. I strongly feel that it needs to branch out of the campsite activities into a national movement. Like the occupy movement in America is getting involved in the campaign against housing foreclosures.

What the occupy movement in this country needs to do is to form national branches and starts activities and campaigns throughout the country. For instance form campaign groups and also local volunteer groups. Also start propaganda activities against corporate rule and government cuts in peoples local neighbourhoods.

So far the occupy movement does not seem to have any plans to branch out nationally in this country. A failure to do so will mean that the occupy movement will be quickly forgotten in this country and it occupy campsights  seen as having little impact on the long term political future of this country.


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