The EU dictate to Greece regarding the Greek bail out budget deal is outrageous and  clearly shows the EU for the bankers fascist dictatorship that it is.

Greece has clearly lost its independence. In return for the loan  that Greece will receive from the EU Greece will have to make massive cuts in its public expenditure and hand over many of its enterprises to other EU countries for virtually nothing. Already 50% of young people in Greece are unemployed and over 20% of the working  population.The EU are demanding a permanent troika   be established in Athens to control the Greek economy. Some leaders of the  EU dictatorship are even demanding that  the April Greek general election to be cancelled.There is a good chance that the left coalition will win the elections.

Clearly lessons need to be learned from the Greece budget bail out deal.Here in Britain we must step up calls for this country to leave the EU.The campaign against the EU in this country must not be the sole preserve of right wing groups.We must also step up the campaign against the bankers dictatorship and build a movement to build an alternative economic system.

In Greece let us hope that the April 2012 elections take place and that the left coalition wins the elections  and that Greece leaves the Euro, leaves the EU and NATO and that Greece defaults on its debts and starts to build an alternative economic system.


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