Johan Calleman one of the main experts or thinkers on the 2012 Mayan Prophecies stated that the 28/10/11 would be the main breakthrough in human consciousness and not the 21/12/12 as most experts on the Mayan prophecy subject predict. In his own words the 28/10/11 would be the beginning of the universal underworld and the development of  a nondual cosmic consciousness.

Clearly he is wrong because the human race has the same traits as before the 28/10/11 there has been no big leap forward in human evolution since the 28/10/11. I wish there had been but the sad fact is that there has not been a big leapforward in human consciousness in the last two days. So clearly Johan Calleman,s prediction regarding 28/10/11 had been proved wrong.

However  I do feel that the year 2012 is a significant date. Relax the world will not end on 21/12/2012, the poll shift will not take place. The precicted solar flares for 2012 will have little impact on the world. However the galactic alignment of our solar system with the milky way could have a minor impact on human consciousness.It is been suggested that a full moon has an impact on human nature.So I think that this galactic alignment will have an impact on the human race.

I feel that there will be changes in 2012 but on a much lower subtle level. I feel that the worldwide occupy movement is the start of this energy shift. People will increasingly reject the globalist big business corporate system. They will opt out of this and adopt a less materialist attitude.More and more people will work as self employed and form co-operatives. More people will give up driving cars and there will be a growing opposition to wars and government and personal violence.

So at a subtle level 2012 will represent the start of a new human paradigm. Lets  all try and tap into it.




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