Many commentators are not surprisingly calling the crisis in the Murdoch empire and the end of his dominance over the british political media process a British political spring.

Now I  do feel that what has taken place is very important.The exposure of the illegal phone hacking practices by Rupert Murdochs   News International is a significant event. From now on the majority of the people in this country will view the Murdoch media empire with both suspicion and perhaps contempt. As a result of this he will no longer be able to bully politicians for favours with the threat of him turning his printed media against the politicians if they do not carry out his wishes. The reason is of course is that most people will no longer be swayed by the views of the Murdoch media.

We shall however I feel have to wait for a few years to see if his media empire collapses.

But whether we are at the start of a new British political spring only time will tell. Of course the discrediting of Murdoch is a good thing. However the old political class is still very much intact. Big business  still has  a key hold over the political donation process in this country and over government policy.

Also the remaining press besides Murdoch is still largely conservative and in support of the neo liberal project.From the Daily Mirror which supports the right wing of the Labour Party and supported David Milliband the most right wing candidate in the last Labour leadership election to the Guardian which is basically sympathetic to neo liberalism. through to the Tory press Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail which in reality both support the neo liberal globalist project. The rest of the press is in hoc to the globalist neo liberal project in one form or another.

So we shall I feel have to wait for a few years to see the long term results of the crisis in the Murdoch media empire.

As I have said before it is really down to us to by pass the system. Set up our own internet blogs, magazines and television stations and co-operatives.  

So its all down to you folks. Start Getting  busy.


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