This week end you may or not know the Glastonbury rock festival takes place.

Now a must confess I don’t particularly like rock festivals. The only one I ever went to Reading in the late 1970, I left after the first day despite buying a ticket for three days. In fact now I quiet dislike rock music although I was once a vocalist in a punk rock band around about 1980.

It seems to me that rock festivals nowadays including Glastonbury are dominated by corporate sponsoship.Carling black label and various other corporate business groups. It seems that for the last 15 or so years rock festivals have been a chance for nice  middle class things to have a weekend of fun. Long gone are the days of radical  political  inspired free music festivals.

In fact the same must apply to rock and roll itself nowadays.Most rock bands tours seem to have corporate sponsorship. In fact very few modern  rock bands seem to have much to say about the world being mainly dull apolitical outfits.Rock and roll short radical period of  punk  has long gone. 

The rock stars of the 1960,s Mick Jagger, Ray Davies and Paul McCartney are mainly pro establishment bootlickers.Rock and roll is now largely a corporate industry. Most so called NEW bands sounding just like the bands they have taken over from. It is just a nice corporate consumer  product.

I must also confess I have never liked rock and rolls links to drug taking.Drug taking and rock and roll are both a way of making modern youth apolitical.

Th rock festival goers will  of course return from their festivals to their mainstream jobs and middle class life as part of the system.

But as a final thought as part of a new human paradigm is it not time to bury rock and roll and create a new music paradigm. Have fun at your music festivals but start thinking about what you listening to is it not time for a new paradigm music change.


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