The Westminster Parliament from the May 2011 general election to now

After reading in the Guardian media page on Monday that most of the political elite turned up for Rupert Murdochs News International summer party the week before. David Cameron, Ed Milliband and Ed Balls etc it prompted me to write a blog on the Westminster parliament from the May 2011 general election to now.

The attendance at news Internationals summer party shows how our political elite are under the sway of the corporate autocracy. However this is only stating the obvious. So lets take a look at  the Westminster  village since the May 2011 general election.

The biggest disappointment has been Nick Clegg I had been taken in by him. Before the last election I thought that he was some sort of radical.But he is a fraud just a typical supporter of the word neo liberal globalist coporate order.

The Conservative allies in the coalition governement would probably like to take the neo liberal project further but are held back by the Liberal Democrats. The working class must pay for the crisis of the world coporate globalist system. Higher taxes, welfare cuts higher rents and unemployment and hey rich people you don,t have to pay your tax ,vodafone and co.

Labour have been pathetic.David Milliband the defeated candidate was a typical Blairite New Labour pro business clone. He speech which he was going to make if elected leader of the party published in the Guardian recently shows a politician who clearly does not see much wrong with the world order.

Ed Milliband and Ed Balls have been disappointing.Ed Balls recent call for a cut in vat was such a lame policy it was pathetic.Ed Milliband has been as quiet as a mouse.

So basically our political class all gather together at the News Inrernational party in tow to their coroprate masters.They do not seem to realise that there is a lot wrong with the world the coming crisis of peak oil. The struggle of many ordinary people to pay their way, high fuel bills and rent. The growing debt crisis .

There a world apart.So as I have said in my previous blogs we will have to build an alternative system from below.


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