Until a few years ago I used to be sympathetic to the European Union being  in favour of the concept of European Unity. However the last few years have changed my mind. I feel that the European Union needs to be replaced by a Confederation of Independent European States.

Let  me explain why. The unelected European Commission are passing orders to democratically elected goverments in a dictatorial manner. A typical example is Codex Alimentarious.The centralised dictate from the European  Union Commission that virtually outlaws Herbal Medicine and also makes the dosage in herbal medicine so low as to make it ineffective. This means alot to me as I rely on herbal medicine a great deal.The use and regulation of herbal medicine should be down to the individual governments in the European Union.

The most outrageous plan is for the EU to set up a committee to privatise Greece state owned assets as part of the bail out they are proposing for Greece.This is theft on a grand scale looting Greece of its assets and loss of its independence.

The EU headquarters is awash with corporate lobbyists.Also the wages paid to people like the Kinnocks when they worked for the EU over one million pounds per year plus the lavish expenses is outrageous.

However it is important not to be taken in by the UK Independence Party reactionaries. They support the world free market neo liberal globalist system. Big business control of the world econmomy. They supported the war in Iraq. Many of its members support a UK link to the USA and NAFTA. UKIP is a fake democracy party who do not support economic democracy but  neo liberal globalism in a differerent form from the European Union.

So the fight must be for a Europe of national economies not controlled by the neo liberal globalists.


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